Shadow Lines | Nyrkki – Season 1


In the summer of 1955, the Cold War is intensifying in Helsinki. Both the Soviet Union and the United States are afraid of Finland taking the other one’s side with the presidential election approaching. Helena Korhonen, a young woman studying in New York, finds herself in a situation where she has to defend herself until her knuckles bleed. A scandalous Finnish socialite, comes to her aid.

Money changes hands when top-secret information is for sale. What’s going on thirty kilometers from Helsinki at the Porkkala Naval Base, which has been leased to the Soviet Union? Helena is puzzled by strange memories of her childhood and is determined to prove to Yrjö that she belongs to the Fist. She makes a risky move and talks herself into the hotel room of the CIA agent Donald.

The US Embassy is investigating the mysterious death of their CIA agent. Washington sends them a surprise replacement. The Fist decides to strike the Porkkala Naval Base, which is under tight Red Army control. Helena is shocked after finding evidence of her past and openly stands up against her godfather and protector.

The CIA rigorously investigates the killing of its agent while the KGB investigates the information theft in Porkkala. Helena, now a member of Fist, follows KGB agent Sergeyev’s wife and comes face-to-face with MP Hertta Kuusinen.

President Paasikivi and Prime Minister Kekkonen travel to Moscow on an official visit. Tabe Slioor travels there as well with her models to showcase Finnish fashion to the mistresses of the Soviet elite. Helena tries to find out more about her past.

Kekkonen is the centre of attention at Tabe Slioor’s party. The Fist gets to witness President Paasikivi’s fit of rage. A drunken Soviet general attacks Helena, but she fights a real battle of minds with shocked KGB agent Ivan Sergeyev.

Fagerholm’s campaign is about to receive a notable amount of money from the United States, and the Fist finds out about it. The distrust among the members of the Fist grows. Sergeyev plans for his escape; but he’s not the only one.

Julius has been defeated; he’s trapped, but Helena pays for her sins with something she received from Sergeyev. Operation Baba Yaga starts at Christmas when Yrjö surprises Helena and Julius with a Christmas gift. With others celebrating, Olavi goes on a very dangerous mission; world peace is at stake.

The return of Porkkala and the presidential election are approaching. Will CIA agent Lisa manage to find an ally in Julius? Helena makes arrangements so that Sergeyev and his children’s can defect to the West.

CIA agent Lisa is ready to use any means possible to guarantee Fagerholm’s victory, but the Fist are on their guard. As the whole nation watches the election, a life or death struggle is being fought in the corridors of Parliament House.