Shadow Lines | Nyrkki – Season 2


Kekkonen takes office and Fist buries one of its members. Helena is still looking for answers from her past. The routine job turns into a battlefield when a new enemy appears.

Helena finds out a shocking secret from her mother. Helena and Olavi go undercover to find out who is behind the general strike while Aune and Yrjö search for their enemies.

The strike ends and Kekkonen rewards Yrjö by setting him free. Helena and Olavi have a fun evening together while Tabe meets a new acquaintance. Aune visits an old friend to find their enemy.

The Fist finds out about a top-secret meeting between the heads of states, to which they aren’t invited, and fears the worst. Helena and Olavi go undercover and Tabe saves the day.

The Fist is on the verge of falling apart and wondering who to trust. Helena takes a big risk to save Finland and find the truth about her mother. Olavi pays a high price for his loyalty.

As Helena struggles with her past and Yrjö for his life, Olavi makes a difficult choice. Aune enjoys her new found power and Tabe decides to turn over a new leaf.

Helena meets her father and Tabe’s old friend. Helena makes a deal with the devil. Olavi is on his way to hell. The Fist must save Finland, but is it too late?

As they fight for their country, the members of Fist learn that they must join forces once again if they want to save each other.