Showtime To Remake Nordic Noir Comedy Fallet

Showtime is developing a US version of hit SVT comedy Fallet (The Case), a darkly comedic take on the Nordic noir genre which follows an awkward Swedish police officer and her cowardly British counterpart as they work together to solve a gruesome murder. It won Best Comedy Drama at the C21 International Drama Awards last year.

In the original, Sophie Borg (Lisa Henni) is a true Nordic Noir heroine. She is a loner who does not trust anyone, she has all the answers and will not hesitate to go against her superior’s direct orders… and she has a certain lack of self-awareness.

When a British man falls victim to a macabre murder with religious overtones in her old hometown of Norrbacka, Sophie Borg gets one last chance at redemption. Local police chief Klas Wall (Tomas von Brömsen) is at the end of his career, but is excited that for the first time in his career he has a murder case of national interest.

From the victim’s home town of St Ives, Inspector Tom Brown (Adam Godley) is sent to Sweden to work with Sophie Borg. They must solve the case together, not only to save the small village from the killer’s reign of terror, but also to save their own careers.

The US version is written by Etan Frankel, who worked on Showtime’s remake of Shameless, and is joined by Pontus Edgren (Torpederna) and Joshua Mehr (Bonus Family) as executive producers.