Síminn & Viaplay Find Sisterhood In Icelandic Noir

Sagafilm has announced Sisterhood, a new six-part crime drama for Icelandic streaming service Síminn created by Jóhann Ævar Grímsson (Stella Blómkvist) and co-written by Björg Magnúsdóttir (The Minister).

Sisterhood begins with the discovery of a young girl, Hanna, whose skeletal remains are unearthed after twenty years in a picturesque fjord town in Iceland. However, Vera, a newly promoted investigator is assigned to the case and, in her ambition, delves deeper into the disappearance than anyone expects.

Hanna’s mother was the prime suspect at the time, and has spent most her time ever since in state institutions. But, the discovery of the remains and the renewed investigation unsettles a group of women who on that fateful night killed the young girl in manic rage and have lived with the guilt ever since. 

Series writer, Jóhann Ævar Grímsson, said: “By making its chief subject adult women who committed a heinous crime in the past, Sisterhood becomes a subversion of the well trodden crime genre. We eliminate the whodunit element and instead delve into guilt, shame and the complex web of emotions those two emotions weave. All while our protagonists are under the immense pressure that the truth of what they did is closing in on then.”

Sisterhood, directed by Silja Hauksdóttir (Agnes Joy), will premiere on Síminn in Iceland and across the Nordic region on Viaplay in early 2021.