Sissela Kyle And Lotta Tejle Rob Bank With Felix Herngren

TV4’s new comedy Enkelstöten, a remake of the 1980s series Dubbelstötarna, begins filming next week with Sissela Kyle and Lotta Tejle as women of a certain age who are tired of their lives so decide to rob a bank. It will be directed by Felix Herngren and Emma Bucht.

Jenny Bengtsson (Lotta Tejle) is a teacher struggling to stay afloat in the midst of a divorce. Meanwhile, her best friend, Doctor Cecilia Stensson (Sissela Kyle), is in financial difficulty after gambling on the stock market.

They feel harassed by students, parents, patients and managers on a daily basis. They are tired of feeling torn between their family and professional lives, and never seem to have enough time or money. There can be only one solution: rob a bank!

Enkelstöten focusses on the preparation for the bank robbery, and whether it will solve Jenny and Cecelia’s problems, or just create more… For instance, how do you drive a getaway car with a drunken teenager in the back seat? How do carry out a robbery when you have the kids with you? And what is the best way to poison a biker gang?

The cast of Enkelstöten includes Tomas von Brömsen, Ralph Carlsson, Gunilla Röör, David Wiberg, and Danilo Bejarano. It is set to premiere on TV4 in Autumn 2017.

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