Six Dramas Compete For Nordic Writing Prize

Six Nordic dramas have been selected to compete for the Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize in recognition of outstanding writing, to be presented during the TV Drama Vision conference at the Göteborg Film Festival.

This years nominees are The New Nurses (Sygeplejeskolen) from Denmark, All The Sins (Kaikki synnit) from Finland, The Flatey Enigma (Flateyjargátan) from Iceland, Kieler Street (Kielergata) and State Of Happiness (Lykkeland) from Norway, and The Inner Circle (Den inre cirkeln) from Sweden.

The jury consists of Finnish actress Laura Birn (The Innocents), Swedish actor Alexander Karim (The Lawyer), Swedish/American podcaster Christina Jeurling Birro (Pop Culture Confidential) and British producer Justin Judd.

CEO of Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Petri Kemppinen, said: “This year’s nominees illustrate the wide range of high quality dramas, many of which have already proven their ability to connect with local audiences, thanks to engaging stories, often deeply rooted in Nordic history and traditions.”

The 2019 Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize and SEK 200,000, which was won be Ride Upon the Storm (Herrens veje) last year, will be presented to the main writer(s) of the winning series on 30th January at the Göteborg Film Festival.

A nursing school is forced to accept men due to a a national shortage of nurses following WWII. Together, the co-educational intake struggle to complete their probationary period while breaking with old fashioned mindsets.

After a ten-year absence, Detective Lauri Räihä is sent to investigate the murders of two men in the small northern town where he grew up. Lauri seeks answers to the case only to discover other truths about himself, his home town, and whether one has the power to forgive all sins.

A professor of Nordic Studies is accused of murder. To prove her innocence Johanna has to solve the enigmatic riddle of The Book of Flatey, a medieval manuscript about the Kings of Norway that shows the final resting place of the last heathen lord.

Former criminal Jonas has assumed a new identity and lives in Scandinavia’s least criminal town, but the facade starts falling apart when he realizes that several other inhabitants have hidden identities. And they’re all willing to do anything it takes to protect their new lives.

It’s 1969 in the small coastal town of Stavanger and international oil companies have been test-drilling for years, but nothing has been found. They are in the process of leaving when, on Christmas Eve, a gas flare lights up and the largest sub sea oil basin in history is discovered.

The Swedish political elite have all gathered during Almedalen Week. The Prime Minister is expected to stand down. But who will be her successor? David Ehrling, Minister for Enterprise, sees the opportunity to fulfil his life long dream, but does he have what it takes?