Skam Actress Awarded Bridge Building Prize

On Sunday night, Skam actress Iman Meskini was presented with the Brobyggerprisen by Prime Minister Erna Solberg on behalf of the 14th August Committee for contributing to “building a bridge of insight and understanding” between cultures and communities.

The 14th August Committee was established in 2003 to celebrate Pakistan’s national day in Norway and works towards building bridges between the Norwegian and Pakistani communities by fostering dialogue through increased knowledge of each other’s cultures and values. The Brobyggerprisen recognises those who further this cause.

The jury said: “With her role in the NRK series Skam, Iman Meskini brought people together, just like her character Sana – both on screen and in public. Iman Meskini has shown us how much we have in common, regardless of age, sex, orientation and outlook. That we should not be so quick to mistrust each other, and that we get further with love than with hatred.”

Iman Meskini recently completed her military service and now intends to focus on Middle Eastern Studies, although she has not ruled out a return to acting in the future.