Skam Successor Blank Returns This Autumn

The first season of Blank, the youth oriented successor to Skam which follows the lives of 19-year-olds after high school, drew to a close this weekend and has already been ordered to return for a second run this autumn.

The NRK P3 series, which charts the lives of its protagonists through social media accounts and web clips, launched this Spring without any prior promotion and settled in to a respectable average audience of 182,000 viewers.

It has yet to match Skam which attracted 739,000 for its final season and over a million for the series finale, but at the same point in its life cycle, Skam garnered just 154,000 viewers, so there is reason to be optimistic.

Series producer, Åse Marie Hole, told NRK: “The numbers for Blank are good but aren’t the only criterion for its success. Many fans spend a lot of time every day watching, analysing and discussing it. The editorial staff read all of these comments and follow their responses closely, and we see a strong commitment to the show.”