Snow Cannons Ready As The Snowman Begins To Melt

Since filming of The Snowman began in Oslo last Monday, it has become a sensation across Norway’s media. However, as the snow begins to thaw across the city, the production faces some challenges.

When the first scenes were filmed last Monday in Vigeland Park it was icy cold with temperatures of minus 15 degrees, and snow reaching a depth of 16cm. This trend continued as the film crew moved on to Skøyen and Bjørvika where there was up to 20cm of snow.

However, the weather has now begun to turn and the snow has almost gone in large parts of Oslo. The forecast for the coming week is a little rain on Monday, with temperatures falling as the week progresses but overall it will remain dry.

Sasha Gibson, publicist for the film, told Dagbladet that they are relaxed about the situation: “When you make a film you expect the unexpected. We are going to use snow cannons if there is a need for it and we also have talented people who can solve any challenges with special effects.”

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The movie adaptation of Jo Nesbø’s The Snowman stars Golden Globe nominee Michael Fassbender as a detective who investigates the murder of a number of women around Oslo. His training with the FBI leads him to search for links between the cases, and with the help of a brilliant recruit (Rebecca Ferguson) he finds two – each victim is a married mother and after each murder a snowman appears at the murder scene.