Sofia Helin Retires From The Bridge With A Hammock

After 38 episodes, Sofia Helin has finally retired from her physically demanding and critically acclaimed role as Saga Norén in The Bridge… and was rewarded with a hammock!

Two years have passed and, as the new season begins, Saga is incarcerated in Ystad for the murder of her own mother. Such an environment is difficult for her to deal with, because it means complying with daily routines imposed by others and obeying orders.

Sofia Helin told Expressen: “It’s like a concrete suit being Saga. There is such pressure. So on one hand it felt like reaching the end of a long marathon, but there was also sorrow for leaving such dear friends. And a sadness to leaving Saga behind.”

She goes on to explain how she recuperated from such a complex role: “What I did afterwards was take a long and beautiful summer break, which I needed. Thure (Lindhardt) and I both received a hammock after filming – we hung them in our summerhouses and sent pictures of them to each other.”

The fourth and final season of The Bridge premieres on DR1 in Denmark and SVT1 in Sweden on Monday 1st January 2018, with the remaining seven episodes airing on subsequent Sundays.