Solsidan Star Johan Rheborg Assaulted At His Home

Solsidan star Johan Rheborg has posted on his Facebook page that he was attacked by a large group of fans at his home in the early hours of Tuesday morning:

“Attacked by a large group of fans, at 1:30 tonight, who first followed me into the bike room even though I clearly told them to leave and then they tried to get into the stairwell.”

“Did not dare use the access code because they surrounded me from behind and then I got really scared.”

“What began with appreciative cries in the distance, then increased to a monotonous yelling ‘Freddie!!’. And when I finally showed that I was scared it became jeers and laughter.”

“30 years I’ve been doing this, but I have never experienced this before. Stood at the lift and shook as they beat against the windows on the gate and laughed outside”.

Messages of sympathy and condemnation continue to pour in to Rheborg’s Facebook page from the public and celebrities alike, and comedian Jakob Öqvist highlights in his post the seriousness of the incident:

“You always have to take a situation seriously even if it starts out as a joke from their side. It can quickly move on to something else entirely. I’m glad it wasn’t even worse after all. Bloody Idiots! / J.”