Solsidan’s Felix Herngren To Direct New Comedy Sjölyckan

Sjölyckan, TV4’s new comedy written and created by Niclas Carlsson, Jacob Seth-Fransson and Björn Öberg, will be directed by Solsidan’s Felix Herngren. Filming is due to take place over the coming year.

The series revolves around the Kling family and their summer retreat in the archipelago. Berndt and Maud have retired, but their peace is shattered when the holidays come and their adult children and their families come to stay.

Herngren said in a press release: “Sjölyckan is a comedy that contains a hefty dose of summer and the idyllic archipelago, but perhaps an overdose of family and all that it entails.”

“We are fascinated by what happens when three generations share the same household during the holidays. It is a source of both love and conflict that I believe many will recognise in themselves.”

Drama Director for TV4, Josefine Tengblad, said: “Most can relate to this type of everyday conflict within families and is an excellent situation for a really good comedy. With Felix’s ability to derive humour from recognisable situations and take them to extremes, we believe that we have an instant hit.”