Something’s Rockin’ | Mercur


4.3 out of 5 stars
Starring: Andreas Jessen, Neel Rønholt, Stephania Potalivo
2017. Returning Series

Pop and rock music enthusiast Flemming, who is studying law, meets businessman Jan Irsinger. Together they begin to dream of breaking the national radio broadcasting monopoly, and provide young people with the swinging, rocking tunes they are hungry for.

Along with Flemming’s girlfriend and fellow student, Gitte, they find a loophole that allows them to realise their dream if they can buy a ship and broadcast radio from international waters of the Øresund.

Jan persuades his godfather, Preben Borg, to inject some money into the venture, and Flemming convinces his friend Richard, a bicycle repairman and avid amateur radio operator, to come on board as chief engineer.