Spin | Les hommes de l’ombre – Season 1


The French president falls victim to a suicide bomber and is taken to hospital in a critical condition. An investigation ordered by the prime minister gets under way while Simon Kapita, a former communications adviser to the president, returns from the USA to his friend and mentor’s bedside. However, political maneuverings soon begin, in readiness for a snap election, Kapita finds himself being courted by his sworn enemy – the prime minister.

The funeral of the president is scarcely over when the campaign for an early presidential election starts and the potential candidates have to declare themselves. Simon Kapita, still reeling from the betrayal by his former ally Ludovic Desmeuze, sets out to find a candidate who can beat his sworn enemy – Prime Minister Philippe Deleuvre. He locates the perfect contender in the president’s former lover, Anne Visage.

Public opinion is in turmoil as voters discover the hidden face of the man who ruled the country, with Anna’s candidacy jeopardized by the revelation of her affair with the late president. Meanwhile, Simon seeks to preserve calm by tracing a crucial witness.

The political campaign is in full swing and, with the first round of the elections only one week away, Simon Kapita’s wife prepares to reveal the truth about the attack on the president.

Having beaten Deleuvre and reached the second round, Anne has to acquire her arch-enemy’s backing to have any chance of winning the election. However, the compromise needed to win his support proves to be something she may not be able to deliver. Meanwhile, Kapita confronts Valentine about her relationship with Desmeuze.

Simon is still reeling from Valentine’s attempted suicide and it’s clear that his team blame him for her troubles. Election day is looming and the discovery that Alain Marjorie’s hotel room was bugged jeopardizes Anne’s whole campaign. As time runs out, the spin doctors and politicians seem to be prepared to plunder any depth in their bid to get into office.