Spin | Les hommes de l’ombre – Season 2


One year after the election, President Alain Marjorie is facing a personal and political crisis. The secret lover of his wife Elisabeth is killed in a car crash while she is driving and the head of state is persuaded to cover up her role in the accident. He is then hit by another scandal involving his friend, Interior Minister Benoit Hussan. When Hussan is forced to resign, the president turns to Simon Kapita, his former rival’s spin doctor, and recalls him to the heart of government to help.

The scandal involving Interior Minister Benoit Hussan threatens to bring about the collapse of the government when the president’s arch rival Philippe Deleuvre calls a motion of no confidence. To ensure victory in the vote, Simon is entrusted with gaining Robert Palissy’s support – but Deleuvre may have beaten him to it.

When the French president faces a personal and political crisis, spin doctor Simon Kapita agrees to help, but his strategy and communication skills are stretched to the limit. Against Kapita’s advice, Secretary General Gabrielle Tackichieff decides to keep the president’s health issues secret from the media, despite the fact that he is in hospital. But her plan goes awry when a group of people are taken hostage by terrorists on an industrial site in Algeria run by a French company.

Still very weak, the president struggles to keep the Algerian army’s rescue attempts in check. Gabrielle is relying on Bakian to negotiate the hostages’ release, but Kapita has reservations and seeks advice from Hussan. Kapita and Gabrielle grow closer, but the truth about her previous dealings with Bakian leaves him shocked. As the secret negotiations with the terrorists come to a head, the president has a tough decision to make.

Bakian tries to blackmail Gabrielle about her son’s adoption, and she’s forced to come clean to the president. Kapita’s ex-wife Appoline knows the truth about the hostage negotiations and despite threats from Palissy, refuses to back down. Still obsessed with destroying Kapita, Desmeuze manages to get hold of a secret file that has the power to bring down the president.

Fired by Deleuvre, who wants nothing to do with the secret file that incriminates the president and his wife, Desmeuze decides to use the information to blackmail Simon and demands that he must resign from his post within two days. However, Hussan has a plan to retrieve the missing file and Deleuvre has an interesting proposition for Kapita. Meanwhile, the president faces his most difficult decision yet.