Spin | Les hommes de l’ombre


3.8 out of 5 stars
Starring: Emmanuel Daucé, Charline de Lépine, Dan Franck
2012. Ended

Spin is a political thriller that brings us deep in the heart of a tension filled political campaign. Games of power, reason, hate and love: these Spin doctors will go to any lengths to see their candidate win.

In series 1, France is in shock: the President s been assassinated. Behind the scenes, politicians are already campaigning for the special snap election in 35 days time. Presidential advisor Simon Kapita (Bruno Wolkowitch) wants to preserve his mentor’s honour and sides with low-level Minister Anne Visage.

He believes she s the only one capable of defeating their political enemy, Prime Minister Philippe Deleuvre. But Simon finds his former protégé (Ludovic Desmeuze played by Spiral’s Gregory Fitoussi) in his way, now working for his rival the PM s campaign. Both spin doctors go to war.

In series 2 Simon Kapita is back and again at war with Ludovic Desmeuze. Having been called to the heart of the government, Simon must deal with with the politcal and media fallouts from some major political scandals, a any one of which, could bring down the government whilst former protege Ludovic tries all he can to outsmart and out-spin him.