Sthlm Requiem | Sthlm Rekviem – Season 1


After a tragic car accident, Fredrika Bergman begins working as a civil investigator for the police, but her presence is not welcome. Meanwhile, a girl is taken from her mother at Stockholm Central Station and suspicions are soon directed towards the girl’s dad.

The abducted girl is found dead and soon more children begin to disappear. The investigative team need to move fast before further life is lost as they hunt for a perpetrator who is determined not to stop until everyone is punished.

An elderly religious couple, involved with a charitable organisation for refugees, are found dead and the case appears to be linked to a series of robberies. Fredrika struggles with the fact that she may never be a mother.

The police initially believe that the murder of the couple is linked to a criminal organisation and the murder of refugees. A discovery reveals a trail of greed and betrayal that has torn apart families and lives.

When two Jewish boys are abducted on their way to practice, their parents argue about where the blame really lies. Fredrika is seven months pregnant, but her happiness is blighted by the new case.

An Israeli legend tells of the Paper Boy who comes alive at night and takes his victims. What initially appears to be a racist hate crime seems like it could be connected to this myth. He is alive again and wants revenge.

A female student who has been missing for two years is found buried at the Slussen building. It’s an old investigation and Alex is personally affected by the case. Further discoveries at the crime scene reveal secrets that are decades old.

Peder’s brother sees more than he should and disappears into the darkness of the night. Fredrika’s privacy is dragged into the investigation and, as the case unfolds, the consequences are fatal for all concerned.

A man acquitted of murder is found murdered in his home. Soon more bodies are found of people who have escaped justice. Someone seems to want revenge. Fredrika’s world collapses just when she gets used to being happy.

More people are found murdered, and even inside the police station. Peder tries to get back on to the investigation team but his mistake has marked him for good. The team realise that they are hunting their most dangerous adversary so far.