Stockholm Bloodbath Charts The Real Red Wedding

Easy Money screenwriter Maria Karlsson’s latest movie project is The Stockholm Bloodbath, about Kristina Gyllenstierna who led the Swedish resistance against the Danish invasion in 1520 after the death of her spouse.

Kristina Gyllenstierna was at the epicentre when the Kalmar Union fell and most of the Swedish nobility was executed by Danish King Christian II in the Stockholm Bloodbath which took place during a three-day coronation ceremony and became one of Sweden’s most violent power struggles.

This true story might remind Game Of Thrones fans of the legendary episode The Red Wedding, a massacre during the War of the Five Kings that Lord Walder Frey arranged as payback to King Robb Stark for breaking the marriage pact between the Houses of Stark and Frey.

Maria Karlsson said: “It surprises me that no one has made a film before about this spectacular, unique and completely horrifying event – one of perhaps the most important events in Nordic history. It is the real red wedding – with Kristina Gyllenstierna, a 28-year-old pregnant mother of five, in the lead role.”

The Stockholm Bloodbath is expected to begin filming in 2023.