Straight Forward – Season 1

After her father is murdered, con artist Silvia is out for revenge. But when her plan goes awry, she is forced to flee from Denmark to New Zealand in order to start a new life.

Silvia finds refuge in New Zealand under her new identity as Robyn while trying to help her family thousands of miles away as things turn sour for Lisbeth and Ida.

When Ravn kidnaps Ida, Silvia has to find a way to get her daughter to safety while not endangering her team and keeping her secret from Adam and Bruno.

As Robyn and Adam’s relationship intensifies, Ida arrives in Queenstown along with a shocking surprise that creates another huge problem for her to solve.

As the fundraiser is in full swing, Robyn finds herself and Ida in peril as Ravn’s henchmen show up to hunt her down.

Everyone rallies to help save Robyn from the threat that has arrived in town, but things turn sour when Ida finds herself in Karmen’s grip.

A badly wounded Robyn has to do everything she can to find her daughter before it’s too late. But Qvist is now in Queenstown and will soon be at her door.

With events coming to a head, Robyn and Qvist join forces in an attempt to bring Ravn down, whose actions become bloodier and bloodier. Silvia, Lisbeth and Ida are finally reunited.