Streaming Threatens Future Of Danish Drama

The Danish Actors Association, Film Directors Association and Dramatists Association have joined forces to warn that the buy-out model, used by streaming services such as Netflix, threatens to undermine the entire industry.

The buy-out model is problematic because it buys all rights to a production up front, so all future earnings are retained by the streaming service. Therefore, it is suggested that the Danish rights model should be respected and all agreements be negotiated through Create Denmark.

A more traditional approach to rights would not only benefit creative and performing artists through residual payments when productions are successful, but also provides a sustainable framework for Danish drama by creating a revenue stream for reinvestment.

Benjamin Boe Rasmussen of Dansk Skuespillerforbund said: “They need to pay what it costs and respect the system we have in Denmark. Our system is based on the fact that you can produce at a relatively low cost, but we all get a share of the earnings. If we accept their model, we risk the profits from Danish productions disappearing out of the country.”

“Streaming services have so far only been interested in buy-outs and haven’t been interested in talking with us. But we hope and believe that together we have the power to move them… Our colleagues in the United States, Australia and England have already managed to negotiate agreements with streaming services that respect their reality.”