Susanne Bier Movie Set For Musical Remake

The One and Only Musical Company has announced that Susanne Bier’s 2012 romantic comedy, Love Is All You Need (Den skaldede frisør), is set to become a musical written by Bier herself, with music provided by Danish hitmaker Thomas Helmig.

Starring Trine Dyrholm and Pierce Brosnan, the film version follows Philip, a middle-aged English widower living in Denmark, and Ida, a newly single Danish hairdresser recuperating from chemotherapy. Soon, their fates intertwine as they embark for Italy to attend the wedding of Philip’s son to Ida’s daughter.

The musical will star Niels Olsen as Philip and Xenia Lach-Nielsen as Ida, alongside such notable names as Silas Holst, Maria Lucia, Bodil Jørgensen and Benjamin Boe Rasmussen.

Den skaldede frisør opens 24th April 2020 at Aarhus, Copenhagen. However, there has already been interest in the project from overseas, and it seems likely that an international version will be developed for Europe in due course.