SVT Confirms Jordskott To Return For Second Season

SVT has announced that Jordskott, starring Moa Gammel, will return for a second season in autumn 2017, set two years after the first.

The first season of Jordskott took place seven years after the disappearance of police investigator Eva Thörnblad’s daughter. When a young boy goes missing from the same forest, Eva is drawn into the investigation and learns that there are dark mysterious forces involved.

Series creator and writer, Henrik Bjorn. told SVT: “What has happened in the past two years? How did Eva manage to recover after the terrible and shocking experiences of season one? That is what we will explore.”

“We followed Eva Thörnblad during the first season, but she was almost constantly in a state of emergency. We never really got to know who her. Who was she before the crisis?.. In the next eight episodes we get to know the characters more. Hidden therein are a lot of exciting stories.”

Filming of Jordskott season two begins in January and runs through until the summer.

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