SVT To Offer News In Easy Swedish For New Arrivals

On April 1st at 5:15pm, SVT2 will begin a daily five minute bulletin in “Easy Swedish” intended for new arrivals to the country. It will then be offered on SVT Play in English and Arabic in order to reach the majority, regardless of origin, who might otherwise find it difficult to keep up with the news.

Helena Olsson, Programme Manager at SVT, says: “Today, 16% were born in a country other than Sweden, in 2025 the corresponding figure is expected to be around 22%. What SVT should draw from this is that we need to understand who “we” are, what SVT’s role should be in light of this and how society could be brought together.”

“There are a number of theories backed up by research on how a sense of community arises and there seems to be no doubt that the more a person understands, the more intelligible the world is, so it is easier for them to manage their lives.”

The bulletin in “Easy Swedish” will air every weekday at 5:15pm on SVT2, and there are plans for other programmes to be made available on SVT Play with subtitles in Arabic and English, such as Fosterland.