Swedish Dicks – Season 1


Ingmar is ready to give up on being a private detective when the case of a stolen computer leads him to the incredibly energetic DJ Axel – and it’s not just irritation that’s awakened in him.

It’s time for Axel to show what he has going for him as a private detective when he and Ingmar get a classic jealousy case. Axel is also challenged to a duel by Ingmar’s arch rival.

Ingmar and Axel take a job with an advertising agency to find out who is stealing secret data. The apparently simple undercover job, however, takes an unexpected turn when the client makes a fatal decision.

When Ingmar is haunted by the ghost of his old stunt partner, his emotional instability leads him to an embarrassing mistake. So Axel takes it upon himself to infiltrate a sect.

Porn actress Taylor Slow hires the Swedish Dicks to find who her stalker is, and Sarah asks her dad to help check out her new love interest Steve.

A client asks the Swedish Dicks to find out if the competing pet cemetery saves money by burning their animals in groups. The case is complicated when Axel decides to stop taking his antidepressants.

While Axel tries to make friends, Ingmar decides to solve the mystery of Tex and for that he needs a lot of money. Fortunately, an unexpected opportunity is discovered at an illegal poker club.

Movie star Chip employs the Swedish Dicks to find out who is cyber bullying his daughter. Ingmar is finally ready to enter the devil’s lair to meet Mafia boss Dmitri.

The Swedish Dicks are hired to find a stolen breeding sheep, but before they can start the search Ingmar is arrested by the FBI. It looks bleak for Ingmar until the FBI offer him a deal.

Ingmar travels home to Sweden when his daughter seems to be in danger. Everyone gets caught up in their most dangerous cases so far leading them to the mystery of Ingmar’s past.