Swedish Dicks – Season 2


Ingmar’s desire to go legit and apply for PI licenses creates unexpected immigration trouble for Axel; Elvis, Robin Hood and Frankenstein’s monster ask the Dicks to catch a thief on Hollywood Boulevard.

Sarah introduces her yoga class friend, Eve, to the Dicks; Axel is smitten but tries to keep things strictly professional, at least until they solve the case involving Eve, her mother and a medium.

The Dicks meet a mystery client in prison who needs help with a friend who has been framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Sun helps Axel with his visa problem through the funeral director.

When the founder of a dating app realizes that his creation is finally getting traction, he asks the Dicks to help him find and stop the hit man he hired to kill him when he was at rock bottom.

The Dicks are prepared to do anything, even stand-up comedy, to find the person who appears to be poised to kill for a joke.

Tex gets the Dicks a case during which they compete with Jane McKinney to find out who is helping inmates break out; Axel goes undercover as an inmate, but Jane is onto them.

The Dicks go under cover as extras on the set of a cheap zombie film to find a kidnapped man; while the Dicks are away, Sun and Sarah take on a case of their own.

When a disastrous Swedish government agency joins forces with the Dicks for a sting operation to take down a dirty consul general, a series of unpredictable and weird events happens.

Jane knows about Axel’s immigration status and forces the Dicks to catch Omaha’s most wanted mafioso for her; Sun uses her North Korean charm to help Sarah get over her ex.

With Tex as a sax player, Sun as the coordinator, and Lou the officiator, the setting for Axel and Eve’s wedding is almost ideal. But nothing has ever gone to plan in the Dicks’ world.