Swedish Drama Premiere Highlights 2020

Caliphate | Kalifat
Stars: Gizem Erdogan, Amed Bozan, Aliette Opheim
Premieres 12th January on SVT

Agent Fatima receives a tip off that a terrorist act is planned in Sweden, while teenager Sulle has her eyes opened to a new fascinating world. The story follows five young women whose fate is intertwined and examines how religious fundamentalism can seduce individuals and destroy lives.

Box 21
Stars: Leonard Terfelt, Mimosa WillamoSimon J. Berger
Premieres 17th January on Viaplay

Two young girls from Romania are lured to Sweden with false promises of a better life but end up in sex slavery. As they seek revenge upon the men who stole their lives from them, the line between criminal and victim blurs, and Inspector Ewert Grens struggles to untangle a complex and deadly web of secrets. Does Box 21 hold the answer?

Stars: Henrik Norlén, Liv Mjönes, Louise Peterhoff
Premieres 3rd February on SVT

Christmas is approaching and Abbe is carrying a dark secret. He has embezzled millions of dollars from the aid organisation he works for and now someone is investigating it. However, the evidence doesn’t lead to Abbe but to his friend and manager of the aid organization, Tomas. When Tomas disappears in Thailand during the tsunami, he leaves not only family and friends in mourning but also Abbe with a major moral dilemma.

Tunn is | Thin Ice
Stars: Lena Endre, Bianca Kronlöf, Alexander Karim
Premieres 3rd February on TV4 and C More

The story begins aboard a research vessel under attack off the coast of Greenland. Meanwhile, the Arctic Council is trying to sign an agreement that prohibits drilling for oil in the region. But behind the agreement is Sweden’s Foreign Minister Elsa, whose political adviser Viktor is aboard the attacked ship.

Stars: Maria Sundbom, Sasan B. Hanaei, Richard Ulfsäter
Premieres 24th February on SVT

Two years after her divorce, passionate chef Ella still feels that something is missing, but she can’t see how she could meet someone special when her life is so hectic and chaotic. Her best friend Nilo gives Ella the push she needs by creating a profile for her on a dating site. It opens the door to a new world of romance, passion and adventure, but is that what Ella really wants?

Stars: Kjell Bergqvist, Agnes Lindström, Filip Berg
Premieres Spring 2020 on TV4 and C More

Homicide detective Evert Bäckström has solved 99 percent of all the cases he has taken on, but when a skull pierced with bullet holes is found on an uninhabited island in the archipelago, he is faced with a more troubling mystery than even he could have imagined. Based on the novel Can You Die Twice? and partly upon He Who Kills The Dragon by Leif GW Persson.

White Wall
Stars: Aksel Hennie, Vera Vitali, Zacharias Boustedt
Premieres Autumn 2020 on SVT

A strange white wall is found deep underground, at the mining site of the world’s largest nuclear waste depository. Project director Lars Rapp wants to keep it a secret, but rumours quickly spread through the small town that has sprung up around the site. Lars soon realises that the wall is not made of any material known to man so he must decide whether his team should leave it alone or try to find out what’s behind it.

Stars: Aliette Opheim, Ulf Stenberg
Premieres during 2020 on HBO Nordic

Hockey is the last beacon of hope for Björnstad, so when its junior hockey team makes the national semifinal, the burden of the entire town’s dreams weigh heavily on the shoulders of its teenage superstars. However, the day of the semi-final is also the catalyst for a violent act that will leave a young girl traumatised and the town in turmoil. Based on the novel Beartown by Fredrik Backman.

Young Wallander
Stars: Adam Pålsson, Richard Dillane, Leanne Best
Premieres during 2020 on Netflix

Set in contemporary Sweden, the series follows Kurt Wallander as he investigates his first case. The story focuses on Kurt’s formative experiences, at both a personal and professional level, as a recently graduated police officer in his early twenties. Based on characters from the novels by Henning Mankell.