Crazy Pictures Feature Gets Kickstarter Funding

Crazy Pictures set a target of 300,000 kroner and, after just 21 hours, the goal was met and the money continues to roll in.

Film collective Crazy Pictures gained online popularity with the short film series Poetry For Fishes and the short film The Blue Man. Now they are working on their first feature film: Den Blomstertid Nu Komme (The Unthinkable). In order to finance the film a Kickstarter campaign was launched and just a day later the initial target of 300,000 kroner had been met.

“It feels odd, but fun. It confirms that people have an interest in feature film in Sweden and are willing to pay to see the movie,” says Olle Tholén, a member of Crazy Pictures.

Den Blomstertid Nu Komme shows Sweden under attack by an unknown enemy, and against this backdrop former lovers Alex and Anna find their old feelings returning as everything around them is falling apart.

The collective has already recorded a pilot which they uploaded to Kickstarter as a taster for the film to come, but in February production begins in earnest.