Synnøve Søe Obituary

Author and journalist Synnøve Søe was found dead at her home in Aarhus on Monday. She was 55 years old.

Synnøve Søe debuted as an author in 1989 with the semi-autobiographical work Fars which depicted a tough upbringing, This resulted in friction with family members, and subsequently led to her losing contact with half brother and journalist Jeppe Søe.

In 1990 she published No Credit, and from 2006 to 2009 she released a further three novels. Her latest work, Skrifte, is a mosaic of life that moves around in time and place, past and present, about a woman who has seeks love, security, family, and a place to belong.

Jeppe Søe told Ekstra Bladet: “I heard this afternoon that she has been found dead. We have not been in contact since 1989, when she wrote the book Fars about her alleged terrible childhood – which, after all, was my childhood – a story she later admitted was completely fictional.”

“She was my sister until 1989. We shared a common childhood. Regardless of the fact that she is angry and regardless of the violent things she has done to her family and especially father, it is clear that my thoughts also go back to our childhood when we were close friends. Close siblings.”

“It is all in the past to me now, and my thoughts are solely with her son, Romeo.”