Team Hurricane Awarded Most Innovative In Venice

Annika Berg’s debut Team Hurricane (aka Forever 13), which received its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, has been handed the Verona Film Club Award by The National Union of Italian Film Critics for being the most innovative film at the Critics’ Week sidebar.

Team Hurricane is an experimental teen drama that celebrates teenage girls who dare to be loud, annoying, vulgar and vulnerable. It tells the story of eight girls who spend the summer together in a youth club, and how that slowly makes each of them bloom.

Annika Berg describes her film as a “punk chick flick about radical girls in an ordinary world” which takes the form of a series of expressive moments created in collaboration between the director and her actors.

Critics’ Week director Giona Nazzaro noted that of the seven entries for this year’s selection only was directed by a man: “This is an edition marked by women. An edition that celebrated the many diverse forms of talent and of new cinema. An edition embraced with great esteem and affection by the audience.

“An edition that revealed seven new filmmakers that will be talked about for years to come. This is the work and the mission of the Venice International Film Critics’ week.”

Team Hurricane premieres in Denmark on September 11th at CinemaxX in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense.