Tellus – Season 1


A pub discussion among the five members of Tellus (“Earth” in Latin) about the best strategy to save the planet results in the bombing of an Arctic Mining Co. installation. Taneli, who has recently recovered from a stroke, heads the police investigation but, with no clues, there is little progress. With mounting pressure from his superiors he questions Alex and two other members of an environmental group engaging in street protests.

The next Tellus action knocks out some electric power lines. Taneli’s boss Reijonen relays the minister’s displeasure at the lack of progress just as the first break occurs: CCTV footage of Janne phoning in responsibility for the latest attack. Meanwhile, Alex’s group is growing impatient with his moderate approach. Meanwhile, Eevi and Alex have their first date and Taneli becomes increasingly aware of the environment and complains about his family’s food wastage.

The Tellus attack on the airport is aborted when Taneli guesses the target. He begins cross-checking names which leads him to the high school attended by Eevi and others members of Tellus. He tells her that Tellus can continue if nobody is killed and she becomes an informer. Taneli reduces his carbon footprint by selling his car and becomes a vegetarian. Elsewhere, Eevi and Alex get closer.

Alex and his eco-group fall out over his moderate approach, the ups and downs of his relationship with Eevi continue, and he meets up with his estranged wife, Sara. Family tension increases as Taneli continues his green campaign whilst Eevi begins to see him as someone she can confide in. Meanwhile, Janne continues his downward spiral of anxiety with disastrous consequences.

Taneli dies in hospital after being hit by a pick-up truck driven by Janne, who goes home and commits suicide as planned. Eevi tries to move closer to Alex but he wavers because she won’t open herself up, and Sara tries to win him back. Adding to his troubles, the tunnel project at work ends, and he is removed as leader of his eco-group. Maria now leads the investigation but has doubts about a “foreign” element, suspecting Eevi of being involved. Eevi quits Tellus and moves in with Alex.

Rike takes Tellus in a radical direction stating that all life on earth must be saved, even if some humans have to die. After Eevi catches Maria illegally searching her apartment, police pressure ends and she returns to Tellus. She thinks that being with Alex will overcome loneliness, but her double life continues after he declares himself a moderate. She gets advice from her father Pekka and departed spirits, and finally marries Alex, while Tellus carries out its next attack…