The Ambassador Finds New Production Model

Viaplay is adopting a new production model for its offbeat comedy series The Ambassador (Ambassadøren / Ambassadören), with three versions to be filmed based on the same script but with a different cast for Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Set in Mexico City, the series follows the embassy’s attempt to close a lucrative arms deal with Mexico, forcing the ambassador into an ethical minefield. The media are asking a lot of questions, and the ambassador must placate them if negotiations are to stay on track and she is to keep her job.

Head writer, Patrik Ehrnst , says: “With everything from secret diplomatic talks and flirtatious cocktail parties to helping tourists in need, an embassy is a great location for a comedy series.”

“Despite being based on the same script and set for all three countries, each series becomes a unique experience by virtue of the actors’ different interpretations of their roles and local sense of humour.”

The Ambassador is set to premiere on Viaplay throughout the Nordic region next year. Lisbeth Wulff (Borgen) takes the lead as ambassador for Denmark with Ingjerd Egeberg (Mammon) in the role for Norway and Mikael Tornving (Johan Falk) for Sweden.