The Bridge | Bron | Broen – Season 4


Margrethe Thormod, Director of the Immigration Service in Copenhagen, is found stoned to death at Peberholm and it may be related to a deportation scandal she was involved in. Henrik Sabroe investigates with his new colleague Jonas Mandrup. Saga Norén is having a hard time in prison, where she is accused of murdering her own mother. Henrik asks her for help with the case and to find his missing daughters.

Henrik’s main leads are the left-wing radical Red October and refugee Taariq, who has gone underground after being refused asylum. Margrethe’s husband Niels is in mourning and criticises the police for not doing enough to find the killer. Saga is acquitted of the murder of her mother and wants to work. A new murder in Sweden is linked to Red October and thus to the murder of Margrethe Thormod.

Swedish journalist Richard has disappeared but emerges live on the web. Saga and Henrik interrogate him about Red October’s involvement in the murders, but his assertions are incorrect. They also question Taariq, who is hiding something. Saga and Henrik find a new clue in the hideout of two homeless girls. Henrik decides to help them because they remind him of his missing daughters, but Saga disagrees with this and their relationship is challenged.

Taariq recognises the car that Margrethe Thormod was kidnapped in and seeks out its owner. Morgan Sonning tells the police that his car was in for repair at that time and he was in Hamburg with his wife. A new murder at Malmö Hospital has links to the previous two, and Saga thinks there will be more. The girls run away from Henrik’s house, and while looking for them Henrik meets his old dealer Thomas. Saga continues in therapy, but isn’t sure if it really helps.

The taxi driver, who was last to see Margrethe Thormod alive, is linked to another victim. Meanwhile, suspicion grows over Mr and Mrs Sonning, who are each other’s alibi for all three murders. Mrs. Sonning sat on the same board as Margrethe, where they fought over a post, and Morgan’s brother, who had the car in for repair, didn’t have sole control of its key. Saga is briefed about Henrik’s missing daughters and makes him an offer that will fundamentally change their relationship.

Henrik realises that all the victims lead back to Tommy, so anyone who might want to avenge his death must be questioned. He also notices a familiar face on the board amongst the suspects’ photos. Meanwhile, Saga tries to explain to Henrik that everything she has done is because she loves him, but he won’t forgive her. So, Saga sneaks into Henrik’s house to retrieve his missing daughters’ file, believing that only by solving the case can she get him to talk.

With Tommy at the centre of the case, things start to become clearer, but his mother, who is in jail, refuses to cooperate. Niels Thormod turns up in the case again – he hired a private detective who is now reported missing. Lillian discovers that there must be a leak within the department, and gets an unpleasant surprise. Saga is called back to Sweden where a young man admits to killing his father, and finds that his story has links back to the case of Henrik’s missing daughters.

The homeless girls discover, by chance, who the killer really is. They try to get in touch with Henrik but fear for their lives as the killer takes chase. Meanwhile, Saga gets a match on the killer’s fingerprints and now knows who she is looking for. But as everything seems to fall into place and the case seems resolved, there is yet another unexpected turn of events.