The Bridge Creator Confirms There Will Be A Season 4

Hans Rosenfeldt has said for some time that a fourth season of The Bridge is wholly dependent upon Sofia Helin. She finds the role of Saga Noren so tiring that she was still drained four months after recording the last season.

However, Dagbladet reports that Rosenfeldt said “she’s with us now,” when NTB caught up with him to talk about his new crime novel Ikke Bestått, the fifth he has written with Michael Hjort about detective psychologist Sebastian Bergman.

Rosenfeldt said: “Everybody is very busy, but they will find space in their calendars for this. It is going to be realised. I can almost promise it, but I can not say when. We will try not to wait too long, but it will probably not be in 2017, but possibly in 2018.”