The Bridge Premiere Draws 3.3m In Scandinavia

The opening episode of the The Bridge Season 3 had a stronger opening than the previous season with viewers across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland bringing a total of 3.3m as opposed to 3m for Season 2.

“We are absolutely thrilled by the results, said co-producer Anders Landström, in an interview with Nordisk Film & TV Fond. “We were hoping to match the numbers of Season 2, although less people watch linear TV today than two years ago. But we’ve done even better!”

The Swedish audience has continued to grow season upon season, whilst the Danish launch is up from Season 2 but down on Season 1. Finland has also seen an improvement over Season 2, but Norway had a weaker launch than the previous season. Viewing Figures from Iceland are not yet available.

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Denmark  876,000  818,000  839,000
Finland  365,000  425,000
Norway  563,000  631,000  577,000
Sweden  941,000  1,132,000  1,400,000