The Bridge Returns To Øresund For Final Season

The Bridge returns to Scandinavia for its fourth and final season on New Year’s Day, and plot details are now beginning to emerge. Be warned, spoilers follow…

Almost two years have passed, and a woman is brutally murdered on Peberholm, a small artificial island at the base of the Øresund Bridge. The victim is Margrethe Thormod, Director General of the Migration Agency in Copenhagen, and her murder could be related to a deportation scandal she was involved in.

Henrik Sabroe (Thure Lindhardt), together with his Danish colleague, Jonas Mandrup (Mikael Birkkjær), begin to investigate the macabre murder. However, Henrik misses his colleague and close friend Saga Norén (Sofia Helin), who is in prison in Ystad, convicted of murdering her own mother.

Henrik regularly visits Saga, and asks her to help solve Margrethe Thormod’s murder, but she explains that she is no longer a police officer so refuses. For the same reason, she also says that she will no longer help in the search for Henrik’s two missing children, and he is close to giving up hope.

The focal point for the final season of The Bridge is identity, and specific questions about identity are mixed with the more existential. who am I, who do I want to be, and how do I perceive others are all questions that will be asked, and perhaps answered.

The fourth and final season of The Bridge premieres on DR1 in Denmark and SVT1 in Sweden on Monday 1st January 2018, with the remaining seven episodes airing on subsequent Sundays.