The Bridge Season 4 To Be Decided In Spring 2016

Swedish broadcaster SVT has said that it is in discussion about a fourth season of The Bridge, after the third reached a dramatic conclusion over the weekend.

SVT Head Of Drama, Christian Wikander, has said that there are ongoing discussions about a new season: “We are in dialogue with production and the writers about a possible season 4. We will make a decision in the spring of 2016.”

This supports comments made by the show’s Danish scriptwriter Nikolaj Scherfig to DR during a post season finale discussion on the network. “There hasn’t been anything decided but we are talking about making a season four,” he said.

Creator and screenwriter Hans Rosenfeldt told Expressen on Sunday that Thure Lindhardt will be interested in joining a fourth season, but has previously stressed that the most important piece of the puzzle is Helin:

“We would like to make a fourth season if we can find the right story to tell. We just have to ensure that if we are going to make one more it must be at least as good or better. We do not make season 4 just to get a fourth season.”

“The most important thing is that Sofia should find the desire in her to tell something new about Saga. So we must find something very, very good for her to tell,” he said. “But we need money too, so it’s not only up to us. We hope so.”

However, Helin finds Saga so tiring that she was still drained four months after recording so is not immediately ready to reprise the role:

“The answer is that I don’t know. It depends entirely on whether the script is so good that I can’t resist coming back for a fourth season. There are lots of things I’d like to do in the future. Among other things, I am very keen to work in Britain. I love London and I would love to work there.”

The Bridge continues on BBC4 in the UK this Saturday.