The Bridge To Be A Museum Exhibition In Malmö

On 27th September, the third season of the hit series The Bridge premieres on SVT, but before that an exhibition of objects, photographs and film scenes from the series can be viewed at the Science and Maritime Museum in Malmö.

On 15th September the exhibition opens, entitled “Ett Malmö som inte finns”, and is, in truth, more of an installation than exhibition. It will be approximately 10x7m and will take the form of a concrete bunker that one can peer into, with the cracks symbolising decay in the welfare of society. Inside will be objects, clothes and various stage sets from the three seasons.

Saga Norén’s yellow-green Porsche, sculptures from season 3 and amulets from season 2 are some of the items that will be included in the installation. There will also be film footage, still photos and a map that Sydsvenskan made ​​in 2014 with the filming locations in Malmö. Finally, there will be a “visual Bible” that describes the film company’s thought process with regards to atmosphere and character development.

A portion of the installation will also be about Skåne films in general with names like Bo Widerberg, Jan Troell and Gabriela Pichler involved. Another part will be about the Öresund Bridge, and will include a contribution from Malmö author Torbjörn Flygt.