The Element Of Crime | Forbrydelsens element

1984 | 104 minutes | Crime, Drama, Thriller
3.5 out of 5 stars

Director: Lars von Trier
Written by: Niels Vørsel, William Quarshie (dialogue translation), Stephen Wakelam (dialogue translation), Lars von Trier
Stars: Michael Elphick, Esmond Knight, Me Me Lai, Jerold Wells

Fisher (Michael Elphick), a detective in a dystopian Europe, decides to take one final case when a mysterious serial killer claims the lives of several young girls.

Unable to find the culprit, Fisher turns to Osbourne (Esmond Knight), a writer who was once respected for his contributions to the field of criminology.

Fisher begins to use Osbourne’s technique, which involves empathising with serial killers; however, as the detective becomes increasingly engrossed in this method, things take a disturbing turn.

This is the first in the director’s Europa trilogy. The other two films are Epidemic (1987) and Europa (1991).