The Fjällbacka Murders | Fjällbackamorden – Season 1


1. In The Eye Of The Beholder
Crime author Erica and her policeman husband Patrik solve murder mysteries when the crimes of the past float to the surface in the idyllic fishing village of Fjällbacka. Erica’s sister, Anna, begins a flirtation with a TV host during the recording of an antiques show. Businessman Hasse Wennerman, is found murdered, and the old painting that he brought to the show is found among Anna’s belongings, making it hard for Erica to prove her sister’s innocence.

2. Friends For Life
When detective novelist Erica was 13 years old her friend Peter got on a bus and was never seen again. Hidden secrets are revealed when Erica and her policeman husband Patrik begin to unravel the story. The mystery suddenly becomes bigger when Peter’s brother is stabbed on his way to meet Erica. At a class reunion the tension escalates between those involved and another murder occurs among the childhood friends.

3. The Queen Of Light
It’s December 13th and many of Fjällbacka’s residents go to church to celebrate Lucia, the bearer of light, but Lucia herself is missing. Erica Falk begins to investigate what happened. The past catches up with the present as Erica’s discoveries leads to the missing Lucia, a secret love affair and a son seeking revenge for his mother.

4. Coast Rider
Coastguard Jessica finds two dead scuba divers after a storm. Shortly afterwards the Chairman of the Kungshamn’s Museum Association is found murdered. When Erica Falk begins to investigate, she discovers that all three deaths are linked to a shipwreck from 1820. Did somebody finally find it? And what cargo did it carry? What caused the ship to sink?

5. The Sea Gives The Sea Takes
When Erica Falk finds Fjällbacka photographer Stigge murdered in his studio, she can’t help but take an interest in the investigation. Patrik Falk and his colleagues at Fjällbacka police soon start to question whether Stigge was the sweet old man he seemed to be. But Erica is already ahead of them and finds a chain of love, extortion and murder going back to the 1960s.

Movie. The Hidden Child
When Erica Falck’s parents are killed in a car accident, she is approached by a man who claims to be her half-brother. A few days later he is found murdered so Erica starts going through her mother’s things in search of answers. She discovers that her mother had dark secrets, secrets that someone or some people are trying very hard to keep hidden.