The Girl The Mother And The Demons | Flickan Mamman Och Demonerna

2016 | 93 minutes | Thriller
3.4 out of 5 stars

Director: Suzanne Osten
Written by: Suzanne Osten, Erik Uddenberg
Stars: Esther Quigley, Maria Sundbom, Maja Embrink, Ulrika Nilsson

Flickan Mamman Och Demonerna (The Girl, The Mother & The Demons) is the story of 7 year old Ti and her struggle to find help for both her mentally ill mother and herself.

Siri, a single and psychotic mother, locks herself and her daughter Ti in an apartment where demons are in control. Ti can hear her mother when she’s talking to the demons, and she sees her mother change. But Ti can neither hear nor see the demons that her mother speaks with.

The situation becomes dangerous when the demons take over Siri’s world and Siri is no longer Siri. It’s like she has turned into a demon. So Ti retreats into her imagination in an attempt to defeat her mother’s demons.