The Hunt For A Killer | Jakten på en mördare – Season 1

On a chilly evening over Easter break, 1989, ten-year-old Helén Nilsson goes missing from the small Swedish town of Hörby. Six days after her disappearance, Helén’s mangled body is found.

In the autumn of 1995, six years after the murder of ten-year-old Helén Nilsson, Åkesson and his team of detectives in Kristianstad learn of another body dumped very close to their police headquarters. Pelle and his team interrogate suspects and follow up on clues, but an internal power struggle makes the investigation difficult.

The unsolved murder of Helén Nilsson continues to frustrate the Kristianstadt team as they begin to investigate the murder of prositute Jannica Ekblad. Pelle is convinced the two murders are connected, but bureaucratic red tape frustrates their research.

Akesson returns to work, determined to fulfil his promise to Helén’s mother to find her daughter’s murderer and begins a secret review of the case. Meanwhile, Monica meets a woman who wants to tell her something.

Monica follows up a lead given to her at a party, visiting the co-workers of a man they describe as a pervert. Pelle disobeys his boss and sends DNA from Helen for analysis in England. This may be the last chance to prevent the investigation from being terminated.

Given a deadline to clear up the Helen Nilsson case by the new boss at Kristianstad, Pelle and his team are under pressure. It has been 15 years since Helen disappeared so Pelle decides to tear apart the cabin Ulf Olsson had at that time.