The Hunters | Jägarna – Season 1


When local mining contractor Markus is attacked by what is thought to be a militant environmentalist, he appeals to former police officer Erik for help in tracking down the perpetrator. Meanwhile, Erik’s nephew Peter is a trainee police officer who is also involved in the investigation.

When Johanne’s body is found, the police believe it to be a tragic accident, but Peter goes to Erik with his own suspicions. Erik thinks that it could be murder but, before he can secure any evidence, all traces are destroyed by an explosion.

Erik wakes up in hospital, but it’s not long before he’s on a bear hunt with Markus and his South African guests. When they are attacked at the hunting lodge, Erik realises that Benjamin might have proof of Markus’ involvement in the murder.

Erik finds himself culpable of burglary as he searches for Benjamin’s computer, but is caught by drug-induced Karl who is full of rage. Erik knocks Karl unconscious so Peter implores his uncle to give himself up to the police.

The analysis of Benjamin’s computer is complete and there is no doubt about the results. Markus is put under pressure during interrogation and will go to any lengths to avoid prosecution. Peter succeeds in persuading Sanna to listen to Erik’s testimony.

Peter realises that Erik didn’t leave of his own accord so takes Erik’s dog Bella to help track him down. Meanwhile, there is a violent showdown in the woods and Erik must fight for his life.