The Hunters | Jägarna

1996 | 113 minutes | Crime, Drama, Thriller
3.5 out of 5 stars

Director: Kjell Sundvall
Written by: Kjell Sundvall, Björn Carlström
Stars: Rolf Lassgård, Lennart Jähkel, Jarmo Mäkinen, Tomas Norström

After working for the Stockholm police for several years, Eric (Rolf Lassgård) returns to his home village to live with his younger brother Leif and work in the local police department.

At first welcomed home with open arms, Erik soon forges a path of estrangement and destruction when he single-handedly sets about solving an on-going case concerning the slaughter of local reindeer, a problem that the town cops have been plainly ignoring.

When Eric learns that his brother is involved events take a further turn for the worse and violence erupts in the village as the closed-community unites against Erik s quest for truth and, ultimately, justice.