The Inner Circle | Den inre cirkeln – Season 1


Prime Minister Elvira Kropp is to step down and rising political star David Ehrling hopes to take her place. But his far from spotless past threatens to bring his ambition to an end.

David ends up in a difficult situation that could cost him the position of Prime Minister. Meanwhile, a worthy challenger emerges, and his dark past is at risk of being revealed.

An unexpected event at the DJ battle leaves the whole of Visby with questions. David continues to feel pressure from all directions, and draws his family into the game to strengthen his position.

David gets his chance to show what he stands for when he takes the stage with the Prime Minister. But both the press and the police are ready with questions about his past – questions that may prove to be his downfall.

David feels the pressure increase as his secrets are closer to being revealed. Joel takes Rasmus to Visby, but their trip does not go as planned.

David and Lena work work out who supports him and he resolves to carry on. Lena’s past also comes to the surface when she is visited by an old acquaintance.

David becomes painfully aware of the price his family are paying for his political ambitions, and Erik reminds him of what is most important in life. Joel lives up to his reputation as the black sheep of the family.

The past 24 hours have forced David to acknowledge the consequences of his actions and put his cards on the table. Is he still in with a chance of becoming Prime Minister, or is the game over?