The Inner Circle To Begin Filming At Almedalen

Viaplay has announced that new eight-part political drama The Inner Circle (Den inre cirkeln), based on the debut novel by political strategist Per Schlingmann, will begin filming next month at the annual Almedalen Week political forum in Visby.

The Inner Circle follows those at the very epicentre of the political world, during a hot summer at Almedal, with Niklas Engdahl (Bonus Family) as a career-driven business minister, Nanna Blondell (Hassel) as his press officer, and Ebba Hultkvist (Skärgårdsdoktorn) will also star.

Per Schlingmann said: “It will be great to continue the story with a new format. From the reactions to the book, I have noticed that there is great interest in what goes on behind the scenes of polished politics. Filming during Almedal Week in an election year gives us the perfect start.”

Programme Director for Viaplay, Fredrik Ljungberg, added: “We are extremely proud to create a sharp new drama with Per Schlingmann who has a unique insight into a world that we all want to know more about. It will be a Swedish mix of House of Cards and Empire, portraying a multifarious story that goes behind the facade of political life.”

Directed by Håkan Lindhé (Modus), The Inner Circle will premiere on Viaplay in 2019.