The Intoxicating Secret Of Solsidan Revealed

Expressen reports that, in this week’s episode of the hit Swedish comedy Solsidan, the cast inhaled nitrous oxide for the class reunion to mimic the effects of alcohol.

In the show Alex, Freddie and Ove get rather tipsy at a class reunion, so it was decided to take a method approach to these scenes by inhaling nitrous oxide. Whilst it is usually used for pain relief, nitrous oxide does have a mildly intoxicating effect so adds a feeling of authenticity to the show.

Henrik Dorsin, who plays Ove, says: “We recorded the class reunion, and so you should surely be a little drunk. Felix’s (Alex in the show) father is a doctor. He can prepare nitrous oxide so that you seem drunk, so you become a bit giggly… It was great fun.”

“You get a little dizzy in the head afterwards, but it was very funny, you laugh at nothing. You are a little ashamed after taking it, you feel some hangover anxiety in some way. Here, what have I done, what did I do?”

“You did not have control over what you did, is it’s downside. All these things have a downside, I would say.”

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