The Killing | Forbrydelsen – Season 1


Copenhagen Police Department detective Sarah Lund is looking forward to her last shift at work before moving to Sweden with her fiance, when her plans are thwarted. 19-year-old Nanna Birk Larsen is missing and when her belongings are found in a field, Sarah suddenly finds herself at the head of a high-profile investigation, with leads reaching as far and high as the offices of a mayoral election candidate.

As the investigation into the disappearance of Nanna moves into its second day, Copenhagen police start to determine the particulars of the case. Detective Lund postpones her move to Sweden in order to lead proceedings, and when Nanna’s body is discovered she is faced with a major murder investigation. Mayoral candidate Troels Hartmann finds himself implicated when it emerges that the car Nanna’s body was found in was registered to his campaign office. But who was driving the car at the time of the crime?

Copenhagen detective Sarah Lund and her replacement-to-be Jan Meyer are on the trail of a principal murder suspect, but Jan’s impulsiveness threatens to jeopardise the investigation. Meanwhile, important new clues turn up at the victim’s school, while the campaign office of mayoral candidate Troels Hartmann is rocked by leaks of confidential information.

Sarah and Jan discover clues in the basement of the victim’s school and the police pathologist has some shocking news for Sarah. Following the leaking of confidential information to the press, the atmosphere in Troels Hartmann’s office is one of suspicion as his political career could be hanging in the balance.

Sarah realises that Nanna’s friend Lisa may know more than she has let on, and something indicates that investigators ought to focus their attention in a different direction. Things are looking up for Troels and his political campaign, which advisor Rie is trying to control with an iron fist. But his hardships may not be over just yet. Pernille deals with her grief in her own way, while Theis finds it hard to hold himself together.

Copenhagen mayoral candidate Troels Hartmann is heading for trouble when it emerges that someone in his department has attempted to hide potentially crucial facts relating to the murder case. But who is behind the whitewash and why? Sarah and Jan pursue the lead, while chaos erupts in Sarah’s personal life. As Pernille and Theis prepare to bury their daughter, Theis receives some shattering information.

Just as Jan is starting to think that he is now in charge of the case, Sarah returns unexpectedly and decides to launch a search for the father of the victim, Theis, and prime murder suspect Rama, who was Nanna’s teacher. Both men have disappeared and Sarah fears for Rama’s safety. But her decision to remain in Copenhagen to work on the murder case is exacerbating problems in her private life. Meanwhile, Troels is stuck between his political advisers and his own sense of morality and comes under further pressure from inside his own party.

Aided by the local imam, Sarah and Jan look for the hiding place of Rama’s collaborator. At the town hall, Troels is faced with an ultimatum from within his own party as a result of his handling of the scandal. Theis and Pernille start to believe that the case might be coming to a close, until the story takes another sharp and unexpected turn.

The police are after Theis, who has disappeared once again with murder suspect Rama and now seems more prepared than ever to take the law into his own hands. The investigation reaches a standstill, with Sarah and Jan being given a 24-hour ultimatum before they are taken off the case. At the Town Hall, the political landscape undergoes some radical changes. Pernille must try to manage on her own, as both the family and family business are left in her hands.

Sarah and Jan pursue a new lead, but are taken aback when their boss intervenes. Sarah’s personal life is drastically reconfigured. Troels attempts to establish a new alliance at the Town Hall, but is met with fierce resistance. With Theis still in custody and awaiting release, Pernille comes under pressure from all sides and starts suspecting that someone close to her might be hiding something.

Having located a likely crime scene, Sarah and Jan know who they are looking for, but as the investigation leads again in the direction of Troels Hartmann’s Liberal Party, the reactions of their superior officers are puzzling. Troels comes under great pressure both in his private and public life. Pernille becomes estranged from Charlotte and Theis.

Sarah and Jan interrogate mayoral candidate Troels Hartmann. With the weight of the incriminating evidence pointing unequivocally to him, Troels has no choice but to divulge private information to the police and a whole new can of worms is opened as a result. Theis becomes desperate to hold on to wife Pernille, who is drifting further and further away emotionally.

The police and media have their spotlight trained on Troels, who might still be holding something back. Meanwhile, there are strange goings-on at the Town Hall. Things come to a head between Pernille and Theis, while Sarah receives some troubling news.

With a major part of the investigation dead in its tracks, the screws are tightened on principal suspect Troels Hartmann, and political opponent Bremer loses no time in taking advantage of the situation. But Sarah and Jan persist with their own line of enquiry. Pernille is increasingly out of touch with the family, while the emotional state of the cast-out Theis takes a nosedive.

Acclaimed Danish crime series spanning the course of a 20-day murder investigation. Sarah has walked into a life-threatening situation but neither Jan nor anyone else knows her whereabouts. Meanwhile, it looks as if the puzzle of the murderer’s identity might finally be resolved. At the town hall, Bremer swoops in to deliver a coup de grace to Troels’ political career, while a broken-down Pernille needs help when she gets into hot water. Theis continues to be untraceable.

Acclaimed Danish crime series spanning the course of a 20-day murder investigation. Sarah won’t get on board when her superiors insist that Nanna’s murder has been solved. But, having succeeded in distancing herself from almost everyone around her, will she have to continue the investigation alone? At the town hall, Bremer holds out the olive branch, but Troels has some embarassing facts to unveil. Pernille and Theis attempt a reconciliation.

Sarah and Jan are convinced that there is a link between Nanna’s murder and an unsolved case from 15 years earlier. It is now a race against time to nail the evidence. Pernille and Theis are puzzled as they realise the case is far from closed. Troels is counting on winning the election and is willing to put everything on the line.

Sarah and Jan check out an abandoned warehouse to look for evidence, but something unexpected happens. Meanwhile, a prime suspect disappears. Troels is struggling to get back into the political arena, but is contacted by a journalist whose attempts to dig up dirt are not entirely unsuccessful. Theis and Pernille are trying to move on and prepare to take their sons to see the new house.

The hunt for a missing suspect takes an unexpected turn, while the odds well and truly stack up against Sarah. Amidst a new influx of revelations, Troels and Bremer battle it out in a dramatic live TV debate. But back at the Town Hall, Troels no longer knows who to trust. Theis and Pernille are preparing to move into their new house, but something turns out to be very wrong.

Having been taken off the case, and yet more determined than ever, will Sarah succeed in nailing Nanna’s murderer? At the Town Hall, Troels is on a downward spiral, until he is given some game-changing information. At the Birk-Larssen home, Pernille and Theis invite friends and family to hold a birthday party for Anton, but the evening takes a dark and unexpected turn.