The Kingdom | Riget – Season 1

Mrs Drusse, a hypochondriac psychic gets herself admitted to the Kingdom because she believes the hospital is haunted. Meanwhile, Dr Helmer, a Dane-hating Swede under investigation for malpractice joins the hospital’s secret brethren.

Mrs Drusse continues her investigation, Krogshøj steals the severed head from Mogge and uses it to blackmail him, while Bondo is at his wits’ end when a patient’s relative refuses to hand over his liver infected with a rare cancer.

Dr Helmer decides to steal the incriminating report but unbeknownst to him, Krogshøj has the same plan, Bondo wants to transplant the cancerous liver into himself, and Mrs Drusse finds out Mary didn’t die of TB as reported.

Helmer goes to Haiti which angers his gun-wielding girlfriend, Judith may be pregnant with a ghost, Mrs Drusse reburies Mary’s remains but her troubles are only just beginning, and Operation Morning Breeze turns into a farcical disaster.