The Lawyer | Advokaten – Season 1


Criminal lawyer Frank Nordling tries not to think about his childhood trauma when he and his sister Sara witnessed the murder of their parents. However, Sara, who is now a police officer, discovers some evidence that leads her into Copenhagen’s underworld.

Frank gets a case at the law firm representing Thomas Waldman. He is given a week to win and for the first time is forced to play the game in order to get closer to the truth about his parents’ death.

To win Waldman’s confidence, Frank defends one of his henchmen. But things become complicated when the prosecutor turns out to be Patricia Staaf, with whom Frank had an affair and still has feelings.

Brian reveals to Frank that he has evidence that links the drugs business directly to Waldman, and Patricia agrees to give Brian witness protection. Sara is in danger of losing Liam’s confidence by trying to help Frank.

Frank wants to avenge Patricia’s shooting so decides against Sara’s will to try to get Waldman’s greatest enemy, Daniella Ayala, out of prison to create a drugs war. As a result, a gulf opens up between the two siblings.

Frank secretly helps his former colleague Fredrika to prepare for Daniella Ayala’s return. Waldman becomes increasingly nervous and orders an attack on Ayala.

Svend-Erik finds out that Frank is behind Ayala’s release. Sara targets Terese and puts hger behind bars for drug possession to stop Waldman from leaving the country.

Sara gets fired from the police after her relapse and becomes increasingly indiscreet in her addiction. Frank tries to protect his sister whilst exploring every option to get Terese acquitted.

Sara chooses to believe in Blanka and decides to let go of revenge and take responsibility for her own life. Meanwhile, Frank is fighting in court to free an increasingly fragile Terese.

Sara’s identity is revealed, and when Frank is ordered by Waldman to accompany him on a business trip to Lithuania, the siblings realise that they are running out of time.