The Legacy | Arvingerne – Season 1


Artist Veronika Gronnegaard is dying of cancer and her estate is to be divided between her four adult children. Eldest daughter Gro worked with her mother, Frederik had cut off contact with her and Emil only got in touch when he needed money, while Signe was given up for adoption when she was born and had no idea she was Veronika?s daughter until recently. The execution of the will marks the beginning of a journey into a web of secrets and lies that turns their lives upside down and forces them to look at themselves and each other in an ominous new light.

Gro is joined by her brothers Frederik and Emil for Veronika’s funeral and they invite Signe to the service when she shows up with flowers. Gro reveals that Veronika donated Gronnegaard manor to a foundation that will run a museum at the house, leaving Frederik furious as he expected to inherit the mansion himself. Meanwhile, Thomas digs out some old photos, which make Signe realise she was much older when she was separated from Veronika than she had been led to believe.

Signe confronts her adoptive parents Lise and John with the childhood photograph she was given by Thomas, but they still find it difficult to tell her the truth about her past. Meanwhile, Gro has a meeting with the investors in connection with the launch of the museum at the family mansion, and tries to persuade Signe to give the house over to the foundation.

When Frederik finds out about Veronika’s letter to Signe, he realises the power she holds and offers to buy her out for 2.5million krone. She invites her three siblings over to her place for lunch to discuss matters, but the get-together turns into a disaster when her adoptive mother Lise shows up in an attempt to reconnect and Gro and Frederik start fighting. A cash-strapped Emil takes desperate measures to gain his share of his mother’s fortune and Gro tells Robert she loves him.

The family congregates at Gronnegaard for a board meeting to discuss the future of the house, and Frederik confronts Gro as he is convinced she has forged Veronika’s signature on the foundation documents. Andreas suggests that Signe should keep the house for herself, but she decides to accept the sum she believes Frederik is going to offer her.

Signe receives a subpoena from Frederik as he attempts to prove that Veronika was not in her right mind when she put together the emergency will, prompting her lawyer to ask her to get hold of the transfer of ownership contract from her sister. Meanwhile, Gro joins Robert in Copenhagen, where he asks her if she might consider moving to Hamburg.

It is the day of the trial to determine the future of the Gronnegaard estate and Signe is the first to take to the witness stand, testifying that the emergency will was already written when she arrived. Andreas, Gro, Lise, John and Robert each take their turn and describe the chain of events from their own perspectives, while a doctor gives evidence to back up Frederik’s theory that Veronika was not of sound mind and body when she made her will.

Signe is sacked from the flower shop after her boss Katja accuses her of spending too much time working at Gronnegaard. Later, at the house, everyone gathers for the burial of the urn, but Solveig pulls Frederik aside and confesses to him about her affair with Emil, while Robert tells Gro he has left Claudia so that the two of them can be together properly.

Frederik has a hard time forgetting Solveig’s infidelity and moves into the guest room, while Gro receives a delivery containing Veronika’s final artwork. Elsewhere, Lise meets John and asks him to sign their divorce papers and Signe throws a party at Gronnegaard.

Andreas grows increasingly angry that Signe has decided to dedicate her time to the estate rather than starting a family, just like they had always dreamed. Meanwhile, Gro receives a lucrative offer from a Russian art investor for Veronika’ last piece, while Emil gets into trouble with the police in Thailand and ends up in jail.